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  • Producing the Installation | ‘Grove of Oaks’ Twisting the Willows

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    Work in Progress | ‘Grove of Oaks’ Braided branches and Glowing leaves

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  • Deepa Mann Kler’s dogs from the workshop to Dublin!

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  • rms design artichoke lumiere festival light art culture artist derry londonderry

    Metallic bugs are crawling around ‘Grove of Oaks’…

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  • RMS Design research featured image

    RMS Design | Research for ‘Grove of Oaks’

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  • Deepa Mann-Kler - Release, (2012)

    Deepa Mann-Kler’s Artistic World

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  • Video featured image

    Video Interview | Mark Lusby & John Peto

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  • Magee video still

    Video Interview | Dennis Magee

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  • RMS Design video still

    Video Interview | RMS Design

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  • Deepa video still

    Video Interview | Deepa Mann-Kler

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  • All Derry video still

    Video Interview | All of our BRILLIANT Artists

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  • Shirt Factory Derry

    Sleiman & Bond | Trip to an original Derry shirt factory

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  • RMS Design workshop Grove of Oaks Lumiere Derry Artichoke

    RMS Design | Where the artists work

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  • AM Light neon colour options

    Deepa Mann Kler’s Trip to AM Light, Belfast

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  • Deepa Mann Kler's clay model

    Deepa’s Dogs: Clay Before Neon

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  • Am Light, Belfast - neon bars for Hilary Sleiman and Lesley Bond's 'Shirts' for Lumiere Derry Londonderry festival of light

    Sleiman & Bond’s neon trip to AM Light, Belfast

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  • RMS Design - Russel & Monica Smallwood

    Introducing the BRILLIANT RMS Design | ‘Grove of Oaks’

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  • Hilary Sleiman & Lesley Bond. Photo by Lorcan Doherty

    Introducing the BRILLIANT Hilary Sleiman & Lesley Bond | ‘Shirts’

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  • HarperMagee - Dennis Magee and Patricia Harper. Photo by Lorcan Doherty.

    Introducing the BRILLIANT HarperMagee | ‘Conned-Fused’

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  • Mark Lusby & John Peto

    Introducing the BRILLIANT Mark Lusby & John Peto | ‘The Empty Plinth’

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  • Deepa Mann Kler

    Introducing the BRILLIANT Deepa Mann Kler | ‘Neon Dogs’

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  • Our BRILLIANT artists (L-R): Mark Lusby (John Peto not pictured), Deepa Mann Kler, Russell Smallwood of RMS Design (Monica Smallwood not pictured), Hilary Sleiman & Lesley Bond, Dennis Magee and Patricia Harper of HarperMagee. Photo by Lorcan Doherty / Steven Landles

    Meet our Brilliant artists…

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